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When you complete the Health Climate Survey profile you will be making an assessment of the functioning of a wide range of body systems.


The three great body system dysfunctions are




There are various organs of the body have a degraded level of operation it may show up as a dysfunction in b one of more of these three areas.


Dysfunctions are recognised by their symptoms.












- aerobically unfit

- over-weight

- high blood pressure

- depression

- sleeplessness

- snoring

- sleep apnoea

- headache

- tired, lacking energy

- low libido

- diabetes

- elevated blood fats

- elevated cholesterol

- cardiac insufficiency

- irritable bowel

- cancer

- ...


- musculo-skeletal pain

- bones out of alignment

- arthritis - bone inflammation

- lack of strength

- lack of flexibility

- lack of mobility

- torn ligaments

- torn tendons

- torn muscles

- bulging discs

- sciatica

- ...

- upset

- angry

- irritable

- lacking confidence

- low libido

- drinking too much alcohol

- feeling guilty

- losing weight

- gaining weight

- crook gut

- headaches

- highly strung

- stress

- anxious

- sadness

- grief

- misery

- lack of energy

- hopelessness

- low self esteem

- aimlessness

- vacuity

- despair

- irritability

- difficulty coping

- depressed




It's often difficult to pinpoint what the real under lying dysfunction is, but you will know from the symptoms that something's not working well. In fact it's usually a whole lot of individual body parts and systems that are not working well.


The good news is that if you're alert to what the symptoms are telling you, there is a good chance that by getting yourself fitter and healthier, poor function will be restored to good. Of course when that happens the symptoms disappear. You feel better.


The moral of the story? The symptoms are alerting you to an underlying dysfunction. Treat the dysfunction - don't just mask the symptoms with a junk pharmaceutical.



In a nutshell the body is an ecosystem; what happens in one part may well affect another.


The most well known example of this is the relationship between the mind and the rest of the body systems. When you get stressed out of your brain your blood pressure may go up, you could get rashes, irritable bowel, headaches, tired ...


It works the other way round too; if you don't keep yourself fit, eat in a way that nourishes the cells of your body, meditate ... you can feel dreadful - you can even get depressed.


The epidemic of mind dysfunction is only mirroring the epidemic of dysfunction in all other body systems and we can expect the epidemic of depression to continue to escalate at the same rate as the epidemic of all other body system dysfunctions.


The moral of the story is 'Keep yourself fit and healthy and the body systems will look after themselves.'


The Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Climate Survey is based on the premise that the body doesn't lie. If you ask someone 'How'ya going?' they'll usually say something like 'Not bad.' (Can you think of too more negative words to string together than 'not' and 'bad'?)


However despite feeling 'Not bad', the body systems are crying out in pain - headaches, tiredness, obesity, crook guts, itchy backside, high blood pressure ... The score on the Health Climate Survey profile is soaring through the roof.


What the assessment doesn’t do is ask questions like

      ‘Rate how well your liver is functioning.’

      ‘Rate how well your heart is functioning’.


(Most people wouldn’t have a clue.  In fact they think that things are ticking over nicely, until they start to catalogue the more commonly expressed symptoms of body system dysfunctions. They say that an organ or system has to be able 70% dysfunctional before you'll notice something's wrong.)


When you look at your health there could be a lot of things going wrong, though you haven't yet come down with a something serious enough to lay you up for a few months.


The Health Climate Survey profile will provide you with an indication of creeping dysfunction. When you look at your score you'll be able to gauge whether some systems are already at risk. You'll be able to take stock and do something about it before it gets so bad that you're on some sort of life-support.


The popular life supports in our culture are pharmaceuticals which mask the symptom without fixing the problem.


There are degrees of dysfunction where it is hard to pin point exactly what’s going wrong. Usually when that happens a physician will most likely diagnose your complaint as a 'syndrome'.


Of course the tough part is working out exactly what is wrong and what's the underlying cause of the problem.


Because of the inter-relatedness of the body system dysfunctions it's often difficult to track down the causes of the complaint that finally has someone rushing off to the surgery.


Generally speaking though, when something's wrong in the foreground, what's lurking in the background is low levels of health and fitness.


Get yourself into exceptionally good shape and most of the body system dysfunctions will disappear - like magic!


For instance, if you get lots of headaches you’ll need to ask yourself ‘What is the cause of my headaches?’ The causes are probably legion, as are the number of body systems involved and the degree to which a range of body systems are dysfunctional.


Same thing if you feel tired, have a crook guts or high blood pressure.


Whilst some of the questions in the profile may appear to be more specific than others, you can be pretty certain that when rating how you feel on any one question you’re making an assessment about a range of body systems and their degrees of function.


The best way to treat the symptoms is by using the Lifestyle Prescription.


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