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In affluent societies, regular, systematic, vigorous physical activity strengthens all of the major body systems and, along with diet and stress management is the foundation stone of good health.


Feel better

The most immediate benefit of physical activity is that you feel better. The mind is just another body system, and like all body systems works better when you're aerobically fit.


Stimulate the elimination system

The main players in the body's elimination system are the lungs, perspiratory system, lymphatic and blood systems, liver, digestive system and the kidneys.


Cool down an over stimulated sympathetic nervous system

We live in an age when more and more people have over-stimulated sympathetic nervous systems, particularly people cooped up in offices all day. The fight response that starts with the mind and then works through the endocrine system produces muscle tension, constricts blood vessels and alters a range of body functions.


Overcome insulin resistance

The major cause of adult onset diabetes is insulin resistance in the muscles due to lack of regular, vigorous physical activity. Whilst physical activity will not cure a dysfunctional pancreas it will go a long way toward enabling diabetics to manage type II diabetes without medication.


Warm up an under-stimulated parasympathetic nervous system

The gentle exercises, yoga, tai chi and walking have the effect of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and causing muscles to relax and blood vessels dilate. Endocrine function is restored to more normal levels. You feel better


Strengthen the immune system

Vigorous physical activity stimulates corticosteroid production and the increase of white blood cells. When the immune system is strong, you are more resistant to colds and flu. You have an enhanced ability to deal with allergic reactions and you're less at risk of cancer.


Lower incidence of high blood pressure

Elevated blood pressure is directly related to motion starvation. For the greater proportion of people, training aerobically, with vigour for 40 minutes each day will restore blood pressure to normal.


Increased aerobic efficiency and capacity

You can expect a rapid improvement in aerobic efficiency once you start to train.


Reduced risk of heart attack

Cardiac dysfunction usually comes at the end of a long chain of dysfunctions (autonomic nervous system, elimination system, liver ...). The status of all these systems is improved by regular, systematic and vigorous physical activity.


Clears the respiratory tract

Ever person with a regular aerobic training program knows that physical activity has a wonderful effect on clearing the respiratory tract. One wonders how it gets 'cleaned up' under normal circumstances without the stimulation of the lungs and warming of the body.


Reduced blood sugar and cholesterol levels

A key ingredient in a glucose and cholesterol lowering program is regular and systematic vigorous exercise.


Stimulates the bowel

Anyone who runs or exercises with vigor knows that the digestive system works better. One has to wonder at where the gas discharged during activity goes when there is no activity!


Fewer headaches

There is an epidemic of headaches in this country. It is the most popular symptom of poor health that people experience (and ignore). Headaches have many causes. However, what we know is that people who are fit and healthy don't get them. If you want to have less headaches, do what fit and healthy people. They train.


Reduction in body fat

It is a tough assignment in an affluent society expecting to stay at your ideal weight without a regular fitness training program. Once the activity level drops you can be certain that sooner or later you'll start stacking on the weight. A reasonable body fat for a man is less than 20% fat, and for women less than 30%.


Ease musculo-skeletal dysfunction

Bones do what muscles tell them to do. In affluent societies there is an epidemic of musculo-skeletal dysfunction caused principally by motion starvation of the skeletal muscles. Strength, flexibility and postural aligning exercises tone muscles, get bones back into position and increase the ability of the body to do the things that normal fit and healthy people take for granted.


More oxygen to the brain

Physical activity ensures that your brain gets more oxygen. You feel better.


More energy

There is a universal law which says that if you want more energy you need to use more up.


Stimulates the endocrine system to release of a range of 'good' chemicals

When you exercise with reasonable vigour for about 30 minutes or more, your endocrine system clicks into gear. One of the better known effects is the release of endorphins (that is, naturally occurring opiates) from the brain brings about a naturally occurring high: - you feel better. You have more energy and vitality.


Increased libido

Regular vigorous physical activity has a wonderful effect on improving libido. A lowered libido is a symptom of poor general health. It is dramatic evidence that a number of body systems are not working properly, from the head down. Increase your aerobic fitness and you'll end up lean as a greyhound and toey as a Roman sandal!


Slows down development of osteoporosis

Weight bearing exercise is essential for maintaining and increasing bone density.


Sleep better

When you are vigorously physically active you need less sleep and you sleep better.



If you can learn the discipline of regularly and systematically exercising your body, it stands you in good stead for disciplining yourself to do other things in your life.



You experience an elevated mood state when you interrupt your normal daily routine with physical activity. It's like having your own little escape from reality.


Looking after your Self

Being involved in regular physical activity is the most potent symbol of your ability to give back to your Self.


Break down the emotional and physical vicious cycle

Whereas it is widely recognised that emotional states affect the body (psychosomatic), it is also the case that physiological states affect the emotions (somatopsychic). This is why one of the best things you can do when you're depressed and miserable is to exercise. The main benefit of physical activity is that you feel better.


Eat less

Strange as it may sound, when you exercise regularly, systematically and vigorously you are less inclined to overeat and/or search out those extra high fat/starch/sugar snacks.



One of the great benefits of physical activity is being with other people. People often feel better when they are doing things in the company of other people. The secret of many a successful fitness program is having the mutual support of a buddy.



Exercising on your own provides an opportunity for introspection. As Thoreau said about his walks in the forest, 'I never found the companion that was as companionable as solitude.'




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