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Fitness Frontline's vaulting ambition is to provide the medical and fitness industries with the tools to better diagnose and treat personally-generated body system dysfunctions, particularly the three great personally-generated body system dysfunctions of our time:


-  metabolic dysfunction


-  musculo-skeletal dysfunction


-  (non-clinical) psychological (mood) dysfunction.


The skills needed to do this job are as simple as they are effective.


The medical industry is good at treating medical problems. How interested it will be in treating the personally-generated dysfunctions, (except to mask the symptoms with drugs) remains to be seen.


Regardless, the fitness industry is poised to take the inside running and propel itself into the front line of primary health care.


The Strategy


The Fitness Frontline strategy is to get medical and fitness centres to hang out a shingle advertising programs that will help people to



stimulate their own body's recuperative power through activities that promote aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility




eat from the top of the Hourglass




manage the stress of their lives and their careers.


In short, the objective is to have people fix specific personally-generated body system dysfunctions themselves and restore poor health to good.


Teaching them how to do this and supporting them through the process is the bread and butter of the fitness industry.


Assessments and Programs


At Fitness Frontline we've developed a range of health, fitness and wellbeing assessments and programs that have been specifically designed to enhance the metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological health of 'regular folks'.


The Fitness Frontline programs have been designed to assist people to restore poor function to good and encourage them to seek the services of the fitness industry.


Until now they've seen fitness centres as an expense, not an investment.


By clicking on the links on the left hand side panel you can view more expansive information about each of the assessments and programs we recommend.



The Complete Health, Fitness

and Wellbeing Solution


For medical practitioners, the Fitness Frontline concept is designed to encourage them to work closely with fitness practitioners in diagnosing fitness related body system dysfunctions and in prescribing and monitoring exercise prescriptions.


For fitness practitioners, the Fitness Frontline concept is designed to provide people with the assessments, programs, support and encouragement they need to get themselves back into good health regardless of whether they have been referred by their doctor.





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