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In an era where more and more people are presenting in surgeries with Scheissenhausen's Disease only to receive prescriptions to mask the symptoms of the disease, your fitness centre has now advanced to the front line of primary health care and trumpets the benefits of a regular, vigorous physical activity program as one of the best ways to elevate mood.


If you want to feel better, embark on an aerobic exercise program.


If you want to feel better, take part in a strength and flexibility training program that relieves your aches and pains. It's hard to say you're 'absolutely fantastic' when you're wracked with joint and muscle pain.


If you want more energy, use more up - it will come back to you. You'll sleep better.


If you want more energy, fewer headaches and more vitality lay off the garbohydrates (yep, that's 'g' not a 'c'). Eat from the top of the Hourglass. It's difficult to say you're feeling 'absolutely fantastic' when you're suffering from the side effects of flour, sugar, milk and the socially acceptable poisons.


If you want to feel better, clean up your act, get focused on doing the things that lead you toward the good life. Lean how to program your sub-conscious mind for successful living.


Here are our programs.


The Seven Habits of Fit and Healthy People


The one hour, 'Seven Habits of Fit and Healthy People' seminar is the free introduction to all of the Fitness Frontline activities.


The Seven Habits of Fit and Healthy People seminar is a must for people who want to make improvements to their lifestyle; who want to feel better, have more energy and vitality, reduce their stress level, get more out of life, and live the life they'd like to live.


During the seminar participants complete the Health Climate Survey which provides them with a very good snap shot of their over-all health.


This is the seminar that people attend when they first come to a fitness centre as prospective clients. It's the introduction to the fit and healthy way of life that outlines what a fitness centre can do for their health, fitness and wellbeing.


The seven habits are:

    Keep yourself aerobically fit

    Keep yourself strong

    Keep yourself flexible

    Eat from the top of the Hourglass

    Manage the stress of your life

    Manage the stress of your job




Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Check-up


This is Fitness Frontline signature program, providing your clients with a benchmark of their health, fitness and wellbeing and a goal-directed approach to improving it. What better way to start an holistic health make-over than to take people through the Health and Fitness Check-up, including the usual suspects

l blood pressure

l cholesterol

l blood glucose

l percent body fat


... and the not so usual tests (like aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility) that you won't find in any surgery or pathology lab, but which provide essential clues as to the cause of your client's metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological dysfunctions.


We're talking of course about:

l aerobic fitness

l strength

l flexibility


... and a non-clinical assessment of psychological health based on what fit and healthy do, how they feel and how they cope with the world around them.


This Fitness Frontline check-up is specifically designed for fitness centres, letting people know in just what sort of physical condition they are in and then slot them into one of your exercise programs.


With the inclusion of the Complete Health, Fitness and Wellbeing profile, and profiles for diet, stress and career satisfaction people will come away from the session with a clear picture of where they stand and what they need to do. They'll have a benchmark set of numbers that they can work on to improve over the weeks and months ahead.


The Check-up comes with a three month fitness centre membership, during which time clients are introduced to the Complete Fitness Workout program. They receive constant feedback about their progress.



Complete Fitness Workout


The Complete Fitness Workout is a scientifically based, commonsense, down to earth set of fitness programs that will help you improve the three main factors of fitness
• fitness
• strength
• flexibility.

The program has been designed for regular folks who want to get fitter but are unsure how to go about it. It’s a simple, tried, and effective program that’s easy to understand and implement.


If people want to improve their metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological health, they need a good fitness program. It’s well night impossible to keep those three key body systems working well without it.


The program starts with a personal introduction to the Workout that explains the how and why and any other where-fors involved in working out in a gym and then has fitness practitioners watch out for people when they come to the gym.


The three  month program includes the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Check-up and participation in the Complete fitness Workout.



The Complete Fat Loss Program


Is there a better place for people who want to lose weight than the fitness centre where exercise professionals can introduce them to a healthy eating and exercise program.


The program begins with the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Check-up during which time they'll learn about the key elements of the fat loss program, including

l  the Hourglass Diet

l  the Complete Fitness Workout.

l  an inner mental training program.


When people eat from the top of the Hourglass, they'll not only nourish the cells of their body but trim down closer to their ideal weight.


The Hourglass Diet teaches people:

l  how to eat wisely in a junk food world

l  how to get the right balance between energy intake and

   energy expenditure

l  how to stay stay focused and how to avoid sabotage

l  The psychological foundation of weight gain.


They'll also receive an inner mental training audio file to teach them how to relax from the inside, plus the Hourglass Diet and Complete Fitness Workout ebooks.


During an initial three month membership period people will have access to counseling and feedback about their progress.



Hourglass Diet


In all its simplicity the Hourglass Diet focuses on eating good food.


Basically all you need to know is the distinction between good food and junk food and the rest is easy.


Crook Back Clinic


With back pain, it's frequently the case that over the weeks, months, years and decades, muscles gradually tighten up and move bones out of alignment. An incident may come along that tips you over the edge, turning what may have just been a twinge into full blown pain. Chances are you'll blame the incident - regardless of how trivial - instead of blaming the underlying condition of your skeleton.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that if muscles have taken your bones out of alignment there's a fair chance that with the right set of exercises, muscles can get your bones back into alignment.

What this means is that if you have generated the pain there's every likelihood that you can 'ungenerate' it.



If the exercises recommended in the CrookBackClinic training program are done on a regular and systematic basis you should soon start to feel better as bones are drawn back into better alignment.


Experience shows that it's a big ask expecting to relieve joint and muscle pain without a decent strength and flexibility training program. In fact it's almost impossible.


That's because for a high proportion of bodies that are in pain, it's because weak and tight muscles that have allowed bones to move out of alignment and pre-dispose them to the holy grail of musculo-skeletal complaints, the herniated disc.


The solution is obvious.


If weak and tight muscles have allowed bones to move out of alignment, what people need to fix the problem and relieve the pain is a targeted strength and flexibility training program.


Millions of people around the world have poured a fortune down the therapeutic black hole - and they're either still in pain or have to keep going back for a rub down and crunch every couple of weeks. Our objective is to teach them the strength and flexibility exercises that that won't just be doing in the gym, but which they can do at home to get themselves back into alignment and pain free.


Fitness practitioners are the musculo-skeletal health specialists. What we've got for people is simple, straight forward, inexpensive and effective.


We teach people how to become their own therapist.


This three month program includes


• an initial clinical diagnostic assessment


• introduction to the key musculo-skeletal health exercises


• introduction to the Complete Fitness Workout


• participation in regular CrookBackClinic classes.



How to Lower Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose and Cholesterol


High blood pressure, high blood glucose and high cholesterol levels come at the end of a long line of body system dysfunctions. They are not diseases. You don't 'catch them'. They're performance indicators of how well the various parts of your metabolic system are supporting healthy cellular function.


They are symptoms of poor metabolic health, a symptom of a body that hasn’t been kept in good working order, hasn’t been regularly serviced, whose performance is degraded.


This program begins with the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Check-up, during which time people will receive information on ways to improve their metabolic function.


Participants will


l  receive information about the Hourglass Diet

l  be introduced to the Complete Fitness Workout

l  be given an inner mental training audio file to teach them how to relax from the inside.


During an initial three month membership period people receive counseling and feedback about their progress.



How to Manage Stress


Things change when you change. Things get better when you get better. Jim Rohn

From the Fitness Frontline perspective, if you want to manage the stress of your life and elevate your mood, start working on improving the health of all the major body systems. You can do that by:

1. dramatically lifting the frequency, duration and intensity of your aerobic fitness workout. For maximum benefit aim to achieve 600 aerabytes a week. The benefits of physical activity are legion.

2. eating from the top of the Hourglass. In fact if you can eliminate the garbohydrates (yep, that's a 'g'; not a 'c') - flour, sugar and fat, on their own or in various combinations you may well find you feel better.


You'll have more energy and lass headaches, particularly if you eliminate wheat flour from your diet.

3. focusing on improving the big things in life -
- heath
- family
- career
- finances.

4. working on your life, not just in your life. This means some high powered personal development and introspection.

5. meditating

6. making time to give back to your Self.


How to get a Good Night's Sleep


There's an epidemic of poor sleep in our community that's definitely not due to a lack of benzodiazepine, diphenhydramine, ramelton or zolpidem

Our program starts with the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Check-up during which you'll receive information on the causes of poor sleep
and how to train yourself to go to sleep quickly at the beginning of the night and if you wake up in the middle of the night.



How to calm yourself down


In the age of frenetic activity that over-stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, we need to remind ourselves to slow down and do things that activate the para-sympathetic nervous system.


The Calm Yourself Down program involves


- a range of gentle stretching exercises

-  Muscular relaxation

-  Meditation

-  Inner mental training



Inner mental Training


Using inner mental training and autosuggestion, the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed for success. Conscious and sub-conscious minds become of the same mind.


At the Fitness Frontline we have a range of inner mental training audio files to help you reprogram your sub-conscious mind to help you get what you want.


Whether it's losing weight, getting focused on fitness or lowering blood pressure, people need an inner mental training program.


It's something which psychologists in the community and particularly sports psychologists have been using for years to get their clients relaxed and focused on the achievement of their goals.




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