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Ouspensky said that man is encouraged to look everywhere for the answer but inside himself.


The more we become focused on things external to us the more they dominate us.



The tip of the iceberg is the conscious mind. We feed in data, information and knowledge. Then we fall 'asleep' and sub-conscious takes over.


The base of the iceberg is the sub conscious, made up of what Gurdjieff called your essence, (the real you) and overlaid with a repository of habits, attitudes, values and beliefs which have, in the main, been well and truly put in place by the time we're 7 years old (by people who were programmed by the time they were seven years old etc, etc). Some habits, attitudes, values and beliefs serve us well, others poorly.


If sub-conscious is not programmed for the life we want to live now or in the future, we end up doing the things we don't want to do, and getting the things we don't want to get. This is what tends to happen in many diet, exercise and quit smoking programs: we’re not programmed for success.


When we focus on the external, we don't give ourselves time to get in touch with our inner selves. We never take stock to consider what might be holding us back (or propelling us forward). We miss the opportunity to put new  habits, attitudes, values and beliefs into our sub-conscious mind.


Through data, information and knowledge we have the ability to change our thinking and alter what's going on in conscious mind.


Through introspection, meditation, reflection, contemplation, inner mental training and autosuggestion we have the ability to change what's going on in the sub-conscious. You can, metaphorically change the program, get rid of 'stuff' that's holding you back and put into your subconscious mind new 'stuff' that's congruent with what you want in your conscious mind.


The net effect of the changes is insight, discernment, understanding and awareness of how the universe works and what we need to do to live what Bertrand Russell and James Rohn called 'the good life'.


If conscious and unconscious minds are locked into a negative belief pattern, life is a struggle.



Change begins with the awakening of the conscious mind that something needs to be done to turn failure into success. But while the conscious mind becomes programmed for success, the sub-conscious mind is still locked into failure. You oscillate between getting what you want and getting what you don't want. This is the foundation of yo-yo dieting.


Using inner mental training and autosuggestion, there's a likelihood that the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed for success. Conscious and sub-conscious minds are of the same mind.


The final step in the process is when the sub-conscious mind becomes the driver. In sporting parlance this is known as unconscious competence.


At the Fitness Frontline we have a range of inner mental training audio files to help you reprogram your sub-conscious mind to help you get what you want.





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