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How you feel depends on you ability to keep all the major body systems ticking over nicely.



For thousands of years we've lived with the concept that the mind was outside the body. It's know as dualism.


It's based on the observation that because your head (containing the brain and the mind) is on top of your shoulders, it is somehow detached from your body.


Of course, if the brain was inside your body and your heart or liver was perched on the top of your shoulders, we'd have an entirely different view of the world.


The theory goes that if you're feeling dreadful there must be something wrong with your mind.


In the case of the serious mind disorders - schizophrenia, bi-polar, Oldtimer's(sic) disease you'd have to say that that's probably the case.



However for a high proportion of people, they're not suffering from the serious, clinical mind dysfunctions. On the contrary, they are suffering from Scheissenhausen's Disease, the symptoms of which are wide and varied.


You’re over weight, in fact your trousers are so tight they’re ring-barking you. You get a thumping headache after lunch that goes away after a double shot coffee. You’ve got a crook guts, insomnia, brain fog, reflux, constipation, piles, sore muscles, joint pain and the deadly metabolic trio, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and high blood sugar. You drink too much alcohol, coffee and cola. You exist on a diet of fat, flour, sugar and deep fried potato.

There is a high likelihood you’re in the wrong job or under-appreciated at work. Similarly there is a high likelihood you’re in the wrong relationship or under-appreciated at home. Furthermore there is a high likelihood you don’t even like yourself.

In short you feel dreadful.


What's happened is that the body that started off fit and healthy has succumbed to Scheissenhausen's Disease.


Because Scheissenhausen's Disease is an amalgam of the symptoms of personally-generated body system dysfunctions, the good news is that caught early enough, there's a high likelihood that it can be personally-'ungenerated'.


The key to shifting your mood from feeling dreadful to feeling absolutely fantastic is to work on the principle that when all the major body systems are working well, you'll be feeling absolutely fantastic.


So, the model to work on is one that treats the body as a somatic (total body) ecosystem with all parts working together to enhance wellbeing. If one part isn't working well, it will affect other parts.



For instance, we're familiar with the idea that a stressed mind can impact on other body systems. Blood vessels constrict sending your blood pressure up. You get rashes, gut pain etc ... What we're less familiar with is the how we feel depends a lot on how other body systems are working.


From the Fitness Frontline perspective, if you want to elevate your mood, start working on improving the health of all the major body systems. You can do that by:



dramatically lifting the frequency, duration and intensity of your aerobic fitness workout. For maximum benefit aim to achieve 600 aerabytes a week. The benefits of physical activity are legion.




eating from the top of the Hourglass. In fact if you can eliminate the garbohydrates (yep, that's a 'g'; not a 'c') - flour, sugar and fat, on their own or in various combinations you may well find you feel better. you'll have more energy and lass headaches, particularly if you eliminate wheat flour from your diet.




focusing on improving the big things in life -

- heath

- family

- career

- finances.




working on your life, not just in your life. This means some high powered personal development and introspection.








making time to give back to your Self.



As Jim Rohn said, 'Things change when you change, things get better when you get better.


The How to Manage Stress program is the Fitness Frontline contribution to feeling better. We know from medical research that people who are depressed and embark on a year of daily vigorous physical activity, feel better than people who train on a daily supply of Zoloft.


If you are in need of mood elevation we want you to sign up for the How to Manage Stress program. It starts with the Health and Fitness Check-up and introduction to the Complete Fitness Workout. You'll receive a copy of the Hourglass Diet and the How to Manage Stress ebooks. We'll teach you how to meditate and provide you with a range inner mental training audio files.


We'll monitor your progress over the first three months of the program.







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