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The core objective of the Fitness Frontline concept is to provide 'regular folks' with the simplest, cheapest, quickest and most effective solutions to taking responsibility for improving their health, fitness and wellbeing.


Heroic diseases aside, exercise of sufficient regularity, intensity and duration, coupled with the adequate nutrition and a stress management program are the keys to


l preventing good health from descending into poor health and


l restoring poor health to good health.


When in poor health, people need to be assured that the prescription mix needs to include exercise, adequate nutrition and stress management. Taking a drug, whether it restores poor health to good or masks the symptoms of poor health is not the complete answer to improving one's health status.




The Fitness Frontline concept is designed to emphasize the critical importance that physical fitness:


-  aertobic fitness


-  strength and


-  flexibility


play in achieving good health.


propel the fitness industry into the front line of primary health care for the personally-generated metabolic and musculo-skeletal dysfunctions.


Included in this mix are the metabolically-related non-clinical mental health conditions.



3.  DIET


There's no doubt that the obesity epidemic and the epidemic of personally-generated metabolic and mental health dysfunctions can be sheeted home to a poor diet.


The garbohydrate diet (yep that's a 'g' not a 'c') - comprised of copious quantities of fat, flour and sugar, on their own or in combination - has become that standard diet in the western world.


The wisdom of the ancients knew that ' you can't live on bread alone'. Neither can you live on flour and sugar without succumbing to all manner of body system dysfunctions.




The epidemic of stress, anxiety, sadness and aimlessness is being driven by a lack of personal development.


Only a small percentage of people have exposed themselves to personal development seminars, books and videos.


Too many people prescribed mood-altering drugs without also being prescribed regular counselling (diet or physical activity).





On the one hand, the medical industry is good at dealing with medical problems. On the other hand, its track record in dealing with personally-generated body system dysfunctions is not so good.


Currently the medical industry holds a monopoly position as the gate-keeper to the primary health care arena.


As a result of its government-protected, monopoly status, it is highly inefficient, expensive and to a large extent, highly ineffective in its dealings with customers.


It has failed to adopt high tech ways of dealing with customers.


It's in a time warp, driven by a germ-based ideology and the pharmaceutical industry.


(It may be uncharitable to say it, but the harsh reality, is that the medical and pharmaceutical industry don't make money out of cures, they make money out of treatments.)


The fact that the medical industry has divided the body into a series of parts and organs, (losing sight of the fact that the body works as a whole) has reduced its ability to diagnose and prescribe treatments that maintain the body in good condition.


Whilst works at its best when dealing with medical problems, ta lot of their customers present themselves at the surgery with fitness, diet and personal development problems. You can't fix fitness, diet and personal development problems with a pill


The health, fitness and wellbeing of its customers is getting worse.


It deals with its customers verbally, rarely providing them with simple, practical written information on how to improve their heath, fitness and wellbeing. The only sheet of paper their customers receive is a note to the chemist.


At Fitness Frontline our aim is the encourage the medical industry to recognise the role that fitness, diet and personal development problems has in poor health by providing it with



simple assessment tools that put measurements of aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility in to the diagnostic mix




evidence-based exercise, diet and stress management prescriptions that are known to improve metabolic and musculo-skeletal heath and elevate mood.


technology that simplifies the assessment of health, fitness and wellbeing


technology that simplifies the monitoring of health, fitness and wellbeing prescriptions.




The frontline of primary health care is driven by technology that delivers performance data from individuals to their health care advisors.



The digital age has entered the health arena with measuring devices readily available with apps that connect to data storage on phones. The next health technology leap with be to get that data onto the computer of those health advisors who have authority to receive it.



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